7 Best Chemistry Apps for Learning Chemistry Quickly – Android & iOS

The chemistry falls into some most important sciences and is one of the main school subjects. No matter if you are a schoolboy, student or engineer- you can learn a lot of new and useful information from the Chemistry Apps mentioned below. Download these simple Chemistry Applications that will help you with your homework, and it will also help you solve your confusions. Chemistry Apps will make your study much easier and interesting, and most of them are for free. That’s Amazing! Isn’t it?

Chemistry Apps for Learning Chemistry Quickly - Android & iOS

7 Best Chemistry Apps for Learning Chemistry Quickly – Android & iOS

There are a dozen Chemistry Apps that you will come across when you search online. So to make this task a little easier for you, mentioned below are some of the best Chemistry applications that can be used to learn Chemistry.

(1)  Periodic Table 2020 – Chemistry (Recommended)

Periodic Table app helps us to memorize the periodic table and makes study so much more fun and easy.  It has a large amount of data on chemical elements, and it is free of charge. Isn’t that amazing? It helps you with so much information just at your fingertips, and it helps students with their homework.

This application even works offline and gives detailed information. Most of the items are explained with an image. You can learn a dozen regarding chemistry with this app and get a vast amount of data on chemical elements for free. It is the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing app on elements and awesome for doing calculations relating to the elements.

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(2) Organic Chemistry Formula eBook

This app provides a quick summary of the essential concepts of Organic Chemistry with the help of JEE Main Chemistry EBook and Chemistry Formulas.

It would help you for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams. Students of standard 11 and 12 and those appearing for board examination- CBSE, GSEB, ICSE, and ISC can also refer to this app. It covers topics such as- IUPAC, Mechanism, Quantitative and Qualitative analysis, Alkanes, Alkenes and many more.

So download this app for free and try it for yourself!

(3) Chemistry Lab

With this app, you can learn to solve organic reactions, and over 1100 general chemistry flashcards are included. It turns organic chemistry into an outstandingly fun game.

It is a perfect study companion for a chemistry student, and it’s just plain fun for anyone interested to learn chemistry. Stop trying to memorize organic chemistry reactions and instead learn to solve them! It is very easy to use, and it is a great interactive app. It is good to revise all your concepts in a fun way.

So what are you waiting for? Go, get this app now!

(4)  Virtual Orbital 3D Chemistry

The virtual orbital app helps you to visualize the real shapes of orbitals and orbitals of different atoms in 3D. It is not easy to learn shapes of orbitals and almost impossible to study it using the 2D page as the orbitals aren’t 2D. This application helps us to understand more and sort out our confusions.

This education app helps students to learn chemistry more smartly. Students can see every part of orbitals by rotating their fingers to the screen. It helps students to understand complex parts of orbitals, about the rules of electron distribution and much more. It is one of the best virtual study applications that make chemistry seem easy.

(5)  Wolfram Alpha

This application is a more general science app, but it is also very helpful in learning chemistry. It helps students in material science, physics, chemistry, and related subjects. Once you start using it, you couldn’t imagine life without it.

This app has rapidly become the world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation.  Wolfram Alpha has a vast collection of data to compute answers and generate reports. In Chemistry, it helps with the following topics-

  • Elements
  • Compounds
  • Ions
  • Quantities
  • Solutions
  • Reactions
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Protecting Groups

(6) Chemistry Cheat Sheet

This application is helpful because while solving numerical we do not always remember all the formulas and we also make mistakes. This app helps us to get rid of these problems.

It provides a summary of  – SI Fundamental Units, Ionic solubility chart, Strong acids and bases, Activity series, Flame colors, Quantum Mechanical formulas, Thermodynamic formulas and laws,  Laws of Quantum Mechanics, Atomic Properties and so on.

(7)  Chemistry Pro – Notes, Dictionary & Elements

It is an elegant Chemistry app that includes all the basic concepts, definitions, and the periodic table. This app provides free chemistry topics and helps to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams and increase your knowledge. This application is formatted for all levels of chemistry from primary school to university.

Its material design with clean interface allows students to focus on particular areas in the subject. It has over 20 vital chemistry concepts, chemistry dictionary with over 500 definitions and detailed information about chemical elements. It helps solve your homework instantly and also helps us know about the great chemists who made chemistry. With this app search for anything in chemistry!

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Final Words

If you are looking for android chemistry apps to help you with your studies, then go download chemistry apps now and save yourself the hassle of trying to understand all the complex concepts and formulas in chemistry.