10 Best Grammar Apps For Android and iOS – Basic to Advanced

Grammar Apps: Basically, grammar is the backbone of English. Also, in today’s world, English has become one of the most important languages since it is an international language. Nonetheless, every one of us wants to be an eloquent speaker in the English language. Who doesn’t like to have an accurate English? Who doesn’t like to speak English very fluently? I guess almost all of us want to do so. However, I don’t think I need to say that English is a tough nut to crack. Be it the pronunciations or its grammar; these make it difficult.

Grammar Apps For Android and iOS - Basic to Advanced

Moreover, it is very much known to all of us that the root of English is grammar. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to have a good base in grammar if someone wants to have fluent English. Now, the grammar part in English is a bit difficult as compared to the other topics. But not anymore! You must be wondering why I said this, right? Because this article brings you the best grammar apps for learning grammar promptly.

10 Best Grammar Apps For Android and iOS – Basic to Advanced

(1) Basic English Grammar

This app is for the essential learning of grammar. Besides, this app helps to build your base. However, to judge your grammar, this app conducts several tests, along with a variety of lessons. Moreover, there are more than 230 lessons covered. Furthermore, the app provides support to 100 languages along with the translator. Moreover, it facilitates advertising free of cost.

Not only this, but it also conducts over more than 480 short Tests to make your grammar all the more productive. Meanwhile, it also facilitates an easy material design UI. Also, all these fantastic features are available to you at to cost, that is, $1.49.

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(2) English Grammar Book

It’s an older grammar app. Moreover, to cover all the various grammar rules, it conducts individual lessons. Also, it has more than 130 grammar points. Meanwhile, for improvement, it provides straightforward explanations along with examples and activities to get practice. To keep the students motivated, it features a medal system for keeping score.

Moreover, the UI has access to use a modern update. Further, there are bookmark lessons for quick recall. Along with this, it is free of cost in case of advertising. Also, the price of this app starts from free up to a maximum of $5.99.

(3) English Grammar in Use

Now, English Grammar in Use is a kind of app that is given by professor  Raymond Murphy. To provide clarity, this app provides a lot of lessons and activities to hold a good base. Moreover, there is an inclusion of more than 140 points of grammar in this app. However, the free version of this app comes with fewer features. Furthermore, the rest can be bought as in-app purchases.

Since English Grammar in Use provides such clear basic rules of grammar, therefore it is one of the expensive apps as compared to the other ones. However, it’s completely worth it if we keep in mind the creator of this app. Moreover, the cost of this app is at most $15.50.

(4) English Grammar Test

Now, English Grammar Test app is one of the most popular grammar apps amongst all. Moreover, it provides a lot more content along with several exercises. Furthermore, the number of these exercises is 1,200 in total. Further, it conducts tests according to the skill levels. Besides, it keeps a note of all your tests and scores. Therefore, you can have clarity related to your progress.

Not only this, but the app utilizes technology in the best possible manner. Because it wraps up the experience in a modern material design UI. However, this is not a kind of app that you can push through in a single day or a week. Therefore this is probably one of the best apps. Moreover, these features are provided to you free of cost.

(5) Grammarly

Next is the Grammarly app, which is one of the newer grammar apps that is brought to you for free. However, it is a kind of keyboard. Or, we can say a variant of Gboard or SwiftKey for that matter. Also, it has one of the fantastic features of autocorrect. Moreover, as you type, it always corrects your grammar to give you all the more a bright idea.

Further, these corrections include commas, spellings, verbs, and words, which create confusion. Moreover, this app is free, with no ads or in-app purchases. Besides, the app also keeps a check on your punctuation.

(6) Merriam – Webster Dictionary

Dictionary is considered to be an excellent standard to grab knowledge in English. Because, along with the words, the dictionary provides its definition, pronunciation, verbs, adjectives, past participles as well as examples. Further, this app also includes vocabulary puzzles, a voice search, thesaurus. Moreover, audio pronunciations are also provided.

Also, you would be amazed to know the told these brilliant features are brought to you free of cost. However, there is a paid version of this app, as well. Further, the paid version has more topical definitions. Meanwhile, it has a full 2,00,000 word thesaurus and no advertising. Also, the paid version is available for $3.99.

(7) Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

Here, the name of Oxford Grammar and Punctuation app suggests the kind of standard this app has got. Meanwhile, this app clarifies over 250 grammar rules, including punctuation. Also, it uses very simple repetition, but plenty of examples in additional lessons to give all the more clarity to the concepts. Moreover, there is the inclusion of OCR.

Hence, it also facilitates using the camera. Moreover, this version facilitates offline support, which acts as one of the most significant advantages. Further, the minimum price of this app is free of cost, and the maximum goes to the limit of $1.99.

(8) Udemy

Udemy is an online learning app. However, this is a kind of app that doesn’t restrict itself to language only. Further, it covers all variety of topics, from cooking to technology, from fitness to all kinds of stuff. Here you buy a course and watch the videos to grab knowledge. Moreover, this app provides a lot and a lot of videos related to English writing skills and grammar as well.

However, the difference in quality, price, and length. There is a need to find the individual course’s reviews to find the best one. Mostly, many of the classes provide the videos for free of cost. Though, some of them may charge, which varies.

(9) YouTube

Now, I don’t think I need to give a brief explanation or a detailed one for YouTube. It is because the most used app these days is YouTube. Moreover, there are so many educational channels that provide a lot of knowledge regarding spellings, punctuations, pronunciations, and grammar in English. Although, you may have to work a bit harder to find the channels as compared to other grammar apps.

Meanwhile, there are approximately 118 videos uploaded by Khan Academy on YouTube. Further, these videos include English topics from various sources. Moreover, all of us know that YouTube comes for free. However, you can pay an amount of $9.99 per month for getting a better version.

(10) Your Favorite eBook Reader Platform

Generally, it is an ebook reader platform. For instance, Amazon Kindle, Barnes, and Noble Nook, as well as Google Playbooks, constitute a lot of educational books related to writing, grammar, spellings, and every other possible topic. All these books differ in prices, but all kinds of fever platform apps are completely free of cost.

In general, ebooks are the best option to opt for, for these kinds of things. Moreover, these know more than anything else. However, some of them may charge you, but most of them are free.

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On that note, now I guess it’s straightforward for all of you to learn grammar promptly. I hope this article helped you. Thank you for reading.