5 Best OCR Software to Convert Images Into Text for Windows & Mac

OCR stands for Optical character recognition. It made your computer speed and accuracy faster than faster and solve some interruptions. These are the most best document and strong apps. It improves your work experience using a paperless office and helps you easily convert complex handwritten text into machine comprehension text. Today different types of OCR software are used in many ways.

Best OCR Software to Convert Images Into Text for Windows and Mac

5 Best OCR Software to Convert Images Into Text for Windows MacOS

Here are some OCR Software which may helps you:-

(1) Microsoft Onenote

Microsoft Onenote is an all in one Microsoft program which is free form information Gathering and multi user collaboration. It combines user’s special notes, 3D drawings, screen clippings and audio. It supported by Windows OS, Android, MacOS, iOS, Windows Phone etc. Microsoft Onenoteopen files have a .one filename extension. Microsoft provides a web based version of Onenote as apart of OneDrive and office for the website.

(2) ABBYY FineReader

FineReader by ABBYY is an OCR software which convert image documents into a easily edited format. It has great features for small businesses. It helps you to take paper documents from a scanner and making them understands. It is a Clean functional and well perfect software.

(3) OmniPage

OmniPage is a great scanning OCR, which comes with some more exciting features like cross platform support, multiple document type support , custom and comprehensive workflows and also has top ranking speed and accuracy. OmniPage OCR software is used by some of the biggest business companies like Amazon, Ford and GE etc. It only supports by MS windows operating system. It give facilities of PDF and word documents.

(4) Soda PDF

Soda PDF is mainly used for convert all types of document into PDF files. Today it supports 300 per file formats and also supported by MS Window OS and Mac OS. It comes with some exciting tools like open view, convert ,create, edit secure and share etc. Updated version Soda PDF 5 has a redesigned interface with improved layer management and form creation. It reviews additional features and annotation documents and also supports TIFF file format for PDF in 3D view.

(5) ReadIRIS

ReadIRIS is a fully security protected OCR software with a simple and smart interface, which comes with many of feature and advantages of use. It supports watermark comments and annotations etc. It is a fastest and smart OCR software. ReadIRIS supports 138 languages and PDF password protection. It also supports some more features include business cards recognition and support for Mac OS etc.


OCR (Optical character recognition) is a effortless application software and always needed day by day. It has facilite great interface with some exciting tools.