Rice Purity Test were early forms of memes and humor in college life. The invention of purity test dates back to the early 1930s when the internet and the digitalized media was gaining much importance.

There were hundreds of these tests developed at that time, but the only withstanding test remaining is -‘The Official Rice Purity Test Online’. The test was originally designed at Rice University, Houston, Texas and hence the name -‘Rice Purity Test.’


You should not miss Barechested Images collection. It helps boys to get in shape. The test includes a list of 100 ‘Have you ever’ questions that need to be checked and then a score is generated on a scale of 100. Depending upon the score the innocence and purity of the student have decided to portray how the life he or she has lived. Before we move further I advice you to check FAQ about Rice Purity Test.

Rice Purity Test Online

Action Time- Taking The Official Rice Purity Test Online

The Rice Purity Test is taken by the freshers or the 0-week students voluntarily so that they make a better bonding with the other students. The test includes the list of 100 questions that start with ‘Have you ever’ and question activities on various life domains.

How to Go About The Test

  1. Firstly, go through all the questions.
  2. Then check off the items that match.
  3. Finally, submit the test and wait for the results.
  4. Ultimately, your score would generate on the scale of 100.


Note: If you are stacking over and have marked any other question,  then uncheck all the questions and start again. It is advised to be honest and transparent while taking the test as any discrepancy would harm your social life.

How To Improve Rice Purity Test Score

Everybody wants good marks in Rice Purity Tests; but very few students know how to prepare for the Rice Purity Tests. Everyone read the syllabus, study all topics but only few students are able to score good marks. There are some reasons behind it. To score good marks in an Rice Purity Test we have do smart work along with the hard work.

Hard work can be my most of the people but very few people are to do a smart work. There are few more things which can improve the Rice Purity Test Score. If you follow the following 5 rules you will be able to score good marks in Rice Purity Test.

1) Stay Away from Crime

Making a sheltered spot where kids can learn and develop relies upon an organization among understudies, guardians, instructors, and other network establishments. To anticipate school savagery each accomplice needs to make a move.

Stay Away from Crime

Here are some viable recommendations for youngsters, guardians, school staff and others in the network.

  1. a) Students
  2. i) Settle contentions with words, not clench hands or weapons. In the event that you don’t have a clue how, figure out how.
  3. ii) Try not to convey firearms, blades, or different weapons to class.

iii) Tell an educator, parent or believed grown-up in case you’re stressed over a harasser, dangers or viciousness by another understudy.

  1. iv) Try not to utilize liquor or different medications, and avoid places and individuals related with them.
  2. b) Guardians
  3. i) Hone your child rearing aptitudes. Underscore and expand on your kids’ qualities.
  4. ii) Show your youngsters how to lessen their dangers of getting to be wrongdoing unfortunate casualties.

iii) Know where your children are, what they are doing, and their identity with, consistently.

  1. c) School staff
  2. i) Assess your school’s wellbeing equitably. Set focuses for development. Speak the truth about wrongdoing issues and work toward improving the circumstance.
  3. ii) Create steady disciplinary approaches, great security techniques and episode reaction plans.

iii) Train school faculty in compromise, critical thinking, sedate anticipation, emergency intercession social affectability, study hall the executives and directing aptitudes.

Numerous understudies must go through pack turf or gatherings of street pharmacists. More understudies are conveying weapons for assurance; gunfights supplant fistfights. Brutality has turned into a worthy method to settle clashes. This sort of a domain makes it troublesome for educators to instruct and youngsters to learn.

To make school/college become a better place all students must try to avoid any harmful activity during school/college days

2) Respect for Society

Respect assumes a job in our consistently lives. When we go to class, there’s respect, When we go to an eatery, there’s respect. When you go to your family get-together, there is respect. You may not see it, however, that is simply because they are being aware to you. In the event that you’re not conscious, at that point you will be slighted in light of the fact that you’re being meant. So you ought to dependably be deferential to other people so they will treat you the manner in which you need to be dealt with.

Respect for Society - Rice Purity Test

You being aware will help you from being discouraged from depression. You ought to be straightforward, kind, decent, delicate, loose, and cheerful to make companions. The word respect is a word to outline everything above and bounty more. Respect is the establishment of driving social and having a general public. Without respect, you can’t have pioneers you can trust be it family, network or political pioneers. Respect expects that we acknowledge the information and shrewdness of those we respect.

3) Education Comes First

Education is the passageway for everything on the planet. It gives you the power and learning important to ensure yourself and the ones around you. It gives you your insight into your value and engages individuals everywhere throughout the globe. That is the reason oppressors expel the persecuted from instructive foundations and refute the education they have gotten. Understudies in the United States regularly underestimate their free government-funded education since it is free and it is obligatory until 16 years old.

Education Comes First

They’ll play hooky for reasons unknown, they’ll disturb their instructors, and they’ll even make themselves a pariah since they believe they’re unreasonably useful for school. There are, obviously, are many reasons why an understudy probably won’t be the best in school, however, that does not mean they ought to get a free go to sidestep school. They ought to get extra help, yet they ought not to be permitted to pass exclusively in light of the fact that they have an issue that disallows them from accepting a “standard” education.

4) Stay Away From Distractions

If you take more interest in other things then most probably you will get distracted from your goals. You have to concentrate on studies to improve your performance.

Stay Away From Distractions

There are several ways to avoid distraction. They are as follows

  1. a) Put your mobile phone on silent mode and away from your study space.
  2. b) Turn off your internet connection
  3. c) Get 8 hours of sleep.
  4. d) Use various tools to prioritize your task.

5) Improve Personality

With regards to cleaning your aptitudes and improving your character, the conceivable outcomes are huge. On the off chance that you utilize the assets, you can adapt new abilities and grow new ones. Building up a personality can have plenty of constructive outcomes on your life and vocation.

Improve Personality

There was a conviction that nature is lasting and it is absurd to expect to transform it. The identity is a common example of practices, considering, and they are one of a kind. With exceptional exertion, you can improve your propensities and the example of reasoning. There are many ways to improve your personality.

  1. a) Be a better listener
  2. b) Be a better conventionalist
  3. c) Improve interpersonal skills
  4. d) Meet new people
  5. e) Give respect to others

Improved personality will give you more confidence. You will feel more comfortable.

If we go through the above 5 rules we came to know that not only study but other factors also matter in your educational performance. If you follow these rules you will definitely enjoy your education and it helps you to do better in Rice Purity Tests.


The Rice Purity Test enlists questions that check the student’s activities in its teen life. The questions involve domains of behavior, adultery, pornography and many others also.

The best practice is, to be honest, and mark the answers with utmost transparency. Being deceptive and misleading score will leave you with different conditions. Hence, take the test, check your score and enjoy the college.