Rice Purity Test Online – Check How Innocent are you?

Rice Purity Test were early forms of memes and humor in college life. The invention of purity test dates back to the early 1930s when the internet and the digitalized media was gaining much importance.

There were hundreds of these tests developed at that time, but the only withstanding test remaining is -‘The Official Rice Purity Test Online’. The test was originally designed at Rice University, Houston, Texas and hence the name -‘Rice Purity Test.’


The test includes a list of 100 ‘Have you ever’ questions that need to be checked and then a score is generated on a scale of 100. Depending upon the score the innocence and purity of the student have decided to portray how the life he or she has lived. Before we move further I advice you to check FAQ about Rice Purity Test.

Rice Purity Test Online

Action Time- Taking The Official Rice Purity Test Online

The Rice Purity Test is taken by the freshers or the 0-week students voluntarily so that they make a better bonding with the other students. The test includes the list of 100 questions that start with ‘Have you ever’ and question activities on various life domains.

How to Go About The Test

  1. Firstly, go through all the questions.
  2. Then check off the items that match.
  3. Finally, submit the test and wait for the results.
  4. Ultimately, your score would generate on the scale of 100.


Note: If you are stacking over and have marked any other question,  then uncheck all the questions and start again. It is advised to be honest and transparent while taking the test as any discrepancy would harm your social life.

Rice Purity Test Explained

The Rice Purity Test enlists questions from every walk of life. It has very basic to very extreme level questions that can grow you through a zero to a hero. Some of the significant domains are described as follows:



Behavioural - Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test has enlisted questions that include your behavior at any point in your life. These may be anything from throwing eggs at someone to urinating in public. The items may also ask things you keep a secret, but it is always good to open up.

Some of  the questions of this domain include:

Thrown eggs at a house or car?

Vandalized something?

Urinated in public?


Dating - RicePurityTest

Many youngsters today are indulged in relationships and dating. The Rice Purity test very aptly triggers that sense in the student taking the test. Those who are in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender or same gender has different questions for them. However, this domain helps up in growing with relationships and bondings. Some of the questions include:

Went on a date?

Held hands romantically?

Had a relationship?


Alcoholism - Rice Purity Test

This domain deals with questions that question the consumption of alcohol at any point of your life. However, the test asks different ways and methods you have consumed alcohol.

Even the number of times of drinking alcohol has questioned. The consumption of alcohol is illegal for, and many still do it. The main reason for the domain is to check how much obeying is the student to rules and regulations.

Some of the questions include:

Drank alcohol?

Gotten drunk?

Consuming Tobacco

Consuming Tobacco - Rice Purity Test

Tobacco is also banned in many countries, and the use of tobacco is illegal for others. Many teenagers continue to take on smoking and such activities. However,  the trend of getting famous and do daring stuff has emerged nowadays.

Teens generally do such things under peer pressure or due to premature exposure to such things. Without having sufficient knowledge, the teens take on tobacco and get addiction of it. Some of the questions include:

Smoked tobacco?

Consumed tobacco in a different manner than usual?

Filming Adult Content

Filming Adult Content - Rice Purity Test

The pornography has been at boost since the internet became an easy deal. Both adult and child pornography have been curated on the internet. Many countries have banned porn over the internet, but some are still accessible.

Youngsters are indulging more in these activities due to the very easy availability of all amenities and equipment. Some of the questions include:

Filmed others during sex or orgasm?

Photographed or filmed yourself during sex?


After certain years, an individual hits puberty. Puberty, in elementary forms, is the time when a person experiences sexual or physical changes in his body.

As the internet is easily accessible, the teens have exposed to pornographic content at a tender age. This results in the practice of masturbation earlier than puberty. Some of the questions include:

Masturbated to a photo of someone you know?

Masturbated with someone else in the same room?

Adult Games

Adult Games - RicePurityTest

There are a variety of things that adult marked. But the youngsters today are very exposed and are indulged in adult activities. Adult games are one of the best things to list here.

Playing strip song, Nude Nails is one of the frequent events. This domain mainly checks the indulge and maturity of an individual as the young ones are performing the adult marked activities. Some of the questions include:

Played a drinking game?

Played a stripping game?

And spent the night with a member of the opposite sex?


Kissing - Rice Purity Test

Kissing is the act of direct contact with a person’s lips with another person. The action shows a pleasing or lovely gesture if on the cheeks. On the forehead, it depicts a caring gesture.

Though there are other parts of the body where kissing seems adult and sensual. However, the act may arouse someone for sex or any other sexual activity. Youngsters today are in the habit of kissing each other and do not hesitate to do it in public. Some of the questions include:

French kissed?

Been kissed or kissed someone on the breast?

Kissed a non-family member on the lips?

Exposure To Pornography

Exposure To Pornography - Rice Purity Test

As the internet is very readily available to all today, many teens injudiciously use it. One of the acts is the exposure to pornography. Many youngsters indulged in watching porn on a regular basis. This domain checks the awareness in the simplest terms and also the maturity. Some of the questions include:

Watched pornographic material?

Watched a stripper online?


Voyeurism - Rice Purity Test

The act of gaining sexual pleasure by seeing any other person in a sexual activity is called voyeurism. Many teens indulged in this act, and this domain mainly identifies those who are introverts and lack social skills. Some of the questions include:

Done an act of voyeurism (been a “peeping Tom”)?


The Rice Purity Test enlists questions that check the student’s activities in its teen life. The questions involve domains of behavior, adultery, pornography and many others also.

The best practice is, to be honest, and mark the answers with utmost transparency. Being deceptive and misleading score will leave you with different conditions. Hence, take the test, check your score and enjoy the college.